Following your passions makes life truly enlightening and wonderfully substantial… 
Not to mention that when you are passionate about something, you tend to be better at it!


Research, Articles, Ads and More 

Passion in knowledge pairs well with the urge to make that knowledge easily accessible. 

MamaTea’s Kali has found that passion in writing and research.  She has harnessed that love for research, and is able to utilize a unique writing style, fitted to whatever project you present to her.

Kali has experience in marketing, merchandising, web building, article as well as blog writing, study/research compilation, and… well, I think you get the point.


Hands on and Distance Energy Healing

MamaTea’s Kali found her desire for healing young; she had the opportunity to learn Qi Gong through a unique Master.  Just over a decade after her introduction to this form of energy, Kali was ready to acquire accreditation in her art.  This lead her to attunement certifications in the first two levels of Usui Reiki.

With her sentiments toward knowledge and research, Kali is ultra-inspired to help raise the life quality in everyone she meets.  She dives deep into studies and academic literature with ambition for your personal wellness and healing.


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