Health and Spirit


Following real passion is what makes life truly enlightening and singularly substantial.

During childhood Mama Tea's Kali found her desire for healing when she had the opportunity to learn Qi Gong through a unique Master.  Just over a decade after her introduction to this form of energy, Kali was ready to acquire accreditation in her art which lead her to attunement certifications in the first two levels of Usi Reiki.

With her sentiments toward knowledge and research, Kali is ultra-inspired to help raise the life quality in everyone she meets.  Delving deep into studies and academic literature with ambition, be prepared to have the information you desire about your wellness presented in an easy to read format.

Tea will always have a special place right here in Mama Tea’s home and heart.  While Kali is carefully engaged in nurturing her herbs from seedling to thriving plant to dried herb and finally blended tea, she will be eagerly involved in compiling and sharing information about the wonderful properties and uses of a plethora of herbs and teas in Mama Tea's Journal!  Please stay tuned for updates on this precious project!

The services provided through Mama Tea are continuously growing.  So  some healing services include yet are not limited to:

          Hands on and distance energy healing

          Research and studies compilation

          Coming soon.........Best Grown Tea!




Writing and Research


Placing passion in knowledge pairs well with the impenetrable urge to make knowledge easily accessible to all people in this world. 


Mama Tea’s Kali has taken a real liking to writing and research during her short time in this world; she very much enjoys the act of doing this for others.  This is where you will find the most dedicated and inspired product.


Please contact Mama Tea to inquire about writing and research projects as well as to place a request for service.