A Bit About MamaTea

Hi, my name is Kali (kā lē) Garcia and I am the flair behind Mama Tea.  Having spent much of my life with a special spot in my heart for healing and knowledge, I personally feel that these two things fit together so very tightly.

Most days, I am absolutely in love with life.  My outrageous family inspires me to follow my dreams because, let’s face it, how can you fully appreciate the magical gift that life is if you aren’t continually following the inspiration that it throws at you?  Seriously, how else could you find something that fills your heart so completely over-full that you just don’t know what to do… you might even explode!

It is just this feeling that I want to share with you.



Why Healing and Spirit?

For as long as I can remember, I have been fascinated with the more natural ways

to assist the body in healing itself.  Age eleven was a substantial age for me.  My father was coming to the end of his schooling at Palmer Chiropractic College and working as a type of intern or resident for a chiropractor and acupuncturist clinic owned by a husband and wife.  Well as a pre-teen I had just started losing my grip on the happy aspects as well as the real points of life- and then Grace.  Grace was a Chinese lady who stayed with the clinic owners’ family for a short time.  She came into my life during a crucial stage where I was just losing my way; she showed me something worth focusing on.


I personally believe that one of the most important things we can do in life is to find the magic in everything we do.  The magic that Grace has shown me has yet to be met by any other life experience, so I guess you could say that one of the big points of my life is to chase that down.

Grace very much looked like an older lady.  She only spoke Chinese, so the wife clinic owner (who was Chinese) would usually be the translator.  Grace was a self-taught master of Qi Gong so the stance that she took in this soft martial art differed greatly from majority rule.  She was absolutely a powerful healer and I have many amazing stories that I was privileged enough to witness first hand. One thing that changed my life a great deal is that this someone who had so much power it could punch you all the way from the other side of the room and more importantly, preform actual, real life miracles…was self-taught!  We don’t need the crutches of being lead through this world at all.  In fact, we are much stronger as independents.  All that is really needed is our intuition (inspiration) and a strong desire to follow it.

​I learned very much through that short period of my life.  I practiced my own healing with energy for eleven years after this experience and decided that it was time to get some sort of legitimate certification.  That is when I was introduced to Usi Reiki and was attuned to two levels within 6 months.  I had learned while being reminded of so much during this time.

This experience certainly helped clarify my life in a major way.  Within a year of my second attunement I had attracted completely different people to my life and was so excited to be growing my first child inside my belly.

What About Writing and Research?

As natural as writing has always been to me with all the pen pals and poetry, I was sort of surprised one day when the me living inside myself just blurted out “You want to write and research the facts!  You want to write about life and the studies done around it!”  I had sort of a release at that actually momentarily crippled me.​

You see, at this point in my life, I had a new baby living in the sub-tropical rainforest on Hawai’i Island in a tent.  Our truck and mopeds were in a constant state of broken during this chapter of my life and my husband needed to ride 7 miles out of our jungle neighborhood and another 12 miles into the big town to go to college most days of the week.

I felt stuck. Trapped.  I missed my mom.  My energy work was limited from time and travel.

During the time that my husband was earning us a small income with school while paying for three grown adults and a tiny baby that needed constantly fed and loved I just felt the deep responsibility to take some of the stress off of him.  It didn’t work out quite as well as planned.  My freelancing did save our asses just in time to buy some food and diapers on several occasions, so I would never think to knock it.

I enjoyed the work and I always got good reviews.  With a learning mind to meld, though, I wasn’t into the deadlines.  It started to feel like a chore that had me neglecting my son just to get something done for a deadline in order to have it sit on someone’s desk then be read days later.

I decided to start focusing on something that I could involve my son in since he was getting too old to just eat and sleep- he needed to be guided and grown.  Similar to a plant.

Where does that tea thing come in?

When my freelance writing wasn’t working how I needed it to during that flash of my life, I knew there was something else that I would have to incorporate to help my family thrive.

I think that tea is one of the great ways to assist your body and soul in healing itself.  I have been a big fan for a long time and through my neighbors in Hawai’i, I had found that a new passion for tea lit in my soul.


A Love for Herbal Teas

Long story short, there are a lot of sought after herbs growing wild on

my untouched land in Hawai’i.  I decided to start harvesting them.  This brought both growth and failure, for without a proper drying box and storage containers much of my efforts were molded in that rain forest.  It just ended up being this large circular deal where the extra money to grow my own business was not coming.

I did end with some awesome cacao and ginger before we moved back to the mainland.  Since it was completely dried I got to bring it with me.  I gave my mother the ginger as a “thank you” for all the help she had given me, and big majority of that cacao seed I had dried went in my son’s second birthday cake.  Mm a real chocolate cake! (I’ve never had a cake that I liked more)

When my son is about six, our Hawaiian grown coffee and cacao will be ready for fruit!  Watch out world!

The tea line I am currently working on is naturally grown with all the goodness contained to give you the most power!  I am currently tending to my herb garden here in my Tennessee home and I have my brother-in-law tending to the Hawai’i garden.

I will not be ready to harvest my Tennessee plants at a large-scale tea time for some while, though my Hawai’i herbs should be good to go before long.  I am so excited to get this to you as soon as possible!



​I have been interested in writing my own articles and blog for some time now.  As life has taken its course, I have put this off more and more.  My first attempt at my own blogging site was Herbbed.  It was like the neglected baby in my life, which was a personal choice because an idea is never as important as the needs of the actual people that you care for.

My husband works his a$$ off to put our family in a better place.  He currently works in his industry of choice full time while going to school full time.  This leaves me with taking care of our home and rearing our son, Lindsay, for a majority of the time.  Now that Lindsay is at this point of self-discovery and learning some things on his own, I finally feel that I can direct my new-found freedoms to you, and yes, we are still on that long course aiming to not need worry about money.  As this site forms and develops, I know that new opportunities with arise from all my efforts.  In helping the people of the world, I intend to help myself and my family grow in this world, too.

So, what about me, the reader?

Life is about that balance and balance is about that give and take.  I am here to help you find all the life balance and love which we all so deeply yearn for.


Long Story Short…

My energy healing will help not only heal what ails you- it helps to balance your life and that light that comes from within.  That is your desire, love, knowledge, and so much more.  My life completely took flight when I decided to dedicate myself to this form of healing.

Tea is my passion and love in this life, I couldn’t forgive myself if I didn’t share it as much as possible with detail and real hunger!  I want you to see, smell, and taste the amazing power that nature has given us.

My writing is meant to inspire all these same aspects in your soul.  Whether you hire me to help you with a project or you enjoy to just leisurely read my blog, I am all about clear, unbiased information.  When I put an article or post out into the world I have spent a lot of time and energy looking at all the sides and aspects of my topic.

I urge you to take the time to think about whatever content you see from me and react.  Write to me, comment on our Mama Tea’s Social group on Facebook with your views and questions.  If you think that there was something ajar, please, LET ME KNOW, I am all about that discussion and idea development!

I can’t wait to get to know you.  Please, enjoy my site!


– Kali S. Garcia


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