Here is something that I wrote yesterday.  It is nice to give yourself some time to rest and heal- and that is just what I was doing!
This isn’t exactly a poem that I am particularly proud of- nor do I feel that it has much poignancy.  I did very much enjoy writing it- it felt so good to get out.

I know that it has been a while since I have posted anything here so I would really like to give you a bit more content.  I hope you enjoy this simple little piece.



Grow to Your Grave


You hit the streets and feed them blood
You make a scene based on no wishes


Letting your monsters feed on your ambitions
Freeing yourself of the serenity of your goals


And you go on to feed this unprimped lie an alibi


The strength it takes to get you back

Comes from someplace dis-attached
Unattached from where you see life


Strive your best strive and you will find it


You are your human

It’s your place to put your stance


Imagine life just moving on
Imagine the strong getting strong


And where are you on this fine day?
And where will you be at your grave?


Maybe this poem isn’t too…. poetic- I guess.  HAH!  I don’t know.  I haven’t written any poetry in probably the better part of a decade!
I really didn’t put too much thought into it, I just let this flow out; writing is one of my favorite forms of healing!  I am glad to be able to share it with you.

Summing this piece up: it is basically about putting your heart and soul into things that drain you instead of help feed your soul- becoming distraught and feeling used up and then finding yourself- through it all.
Figuring out where and how to “be”.


Please tell me, what do you do to heal?
Do you use writing as a tool for healing, too?
If you have some poetry or ideas that you have written down, I would love to hear it.
Comment below!


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