OH babies.

Carve Their Experience


We pour our entire being into these helpless, new wonders.

It is almost like that is what we were made for.

Seek Opportunity

There are many natural, non-invasive ways to make sure your babe stays healthy and happy!  I wrote a bit about the importance of correct alignment in your new human for Advanced Chiropractic, here.

That First Trip is Hard

Read the article there to find out more about the causes of subluxations in your little one (before, during, and after birth), the importance of your baby’s healthy spine, and how a chiropractor can help!

Health is Freedom

You may just be surprised at some of the symptoms that chiropractic is super effective at treating!

Here is a sneak peek: colic, constipation, fussiness, ear infections, breastfeeding toubles, growing pains.)


I am so lucky that I grew up watching my dad treat my sisters this way!


Please check out my article– then come back here to tell me about your experiences or inquiries!

Wonder Keeps Our Minds Alive



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Took my sweet babe to see Dr. Z when he was 2 months old for difficulty turning his neck to the right side. One visit was all it took to see an improvement! Highly recommend!



Ear infections and Nursemaids Elbow

Dr. Z has done wonders for my son’s (from 12-18 month old) ear infections and now has fixed a stubborn case of nursemaids elbow!! I cannot praise and thank them enough!!



Preventative Care While Pregnant

I came into the office due to having some lower back pain while at the beginning of my pregnancy. I had similar issues during my first pregnancy and thought this time I would make sure that did something before it got really bad. I also suffered from plantar fasciitis.

I would stretch and use heat to help out but I wanted to make sure the pregnancy went smoothly and the research on how chiropractic can help out pregnancy had me intrigued.

I had 100 percent improvement in movement and everything during the pregnancy was so much better than it was with my first. With chiropractic care, I was able to work out during my whole pregnancy. My labor and delivery was 100 percent natural and 7 hours from start until finish versus the 24 hours it was with my first.

Now I continue to receive care on a maintenance level and bring in both of my kids. My 3 year old loves coming in and my baby is all smiles when she sees Dr. Z.



Kali S. Garcia is a natural health enthusiast. As the owner and author of MamaTeaSocial, she feels compelled to heal and present the cold hard facts. Connect with her in the comments and community forum!.

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