And here we are again!  Another article that I wrote for Advanced Chiropractic Associates, PLLC.

You are probably not going to hear me apologizing for not wanting to write more than one article a week.

It is a pretty exciting time for me; I am actually in the middle of writing my very last article for them!  This here is the 3rd to last article I have under contract with Advanced Chiropractic.  They have been very good to me.  I have found so much relief from my pains and conditions… also… I feel so grateful for all of the opportunity I have had through them!

Some of my conditions were directly related to my posture (even though I knew better than to be lazy about my posture).  It can be so very easy to let your comfort get away with you..  I have found that my posture suffers most when I am already in pain- turning into this huge cycle: pain to poor posture then poor posture causing more pain.

Well, Poor posture causes more than just pain.  It eventually leads to debilitating conditions as well as miscommunication in your nervous system.  Some of the most common effects that poor posture has on people include upper crossed syndrome (which we talked about in the last article) and lover crossed syndrome (click to read the full article).


Basically, in this Advanced Chiropractic blog article, you have the opportunity to learn a whole lot about lower crossed syndrome!

This is the low-down on what we get to cover:

  1. What it is
  2. How you develop it
  3. What it looks and feels like
  4. How to treat and cure it!

It is pretty interesting to discover things you did not previously know about yourself.  The first step to being health and living in wellness is learning and understanding where you need to be.


If you have pain in your back or knees or any other issues to do with the lower half of your body, I sincerely suggest that you check into this condition.  While I am not all about labels and worry- I am about disease and condition prevention.  Why wait to change something until it has gotten too bad to bare?
Anyhow, I really enjoy researching and writing these articles; I hope they inspire people to live a full, beautiful life!!


Thank you so much for sticking around for my small snippet!  After you read the full Lower Crossed Syndrome Revealed | Common Symptoms and Proven Treatments blog article, come back to this page to chat up the comments section!!



Enjoy my Little Lower Crossed Syndrome Gallery:

Image Credit: CC0 on Canva
Image Credit: Luis Ruiz
Image Credit: Tiko Giorgadze
This is a diagram I put together for Advanced Chiropractic Associates, PLLC specifically for this article!






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