Reiki Charged Chakra Dolls


These special little Chakra Dolls are made to order.
They are charged with beautiful healing energy during creation with the new owner’s spirit in mind.

These little guys are cute, calming, special additions to your life and the lives of your loved ones!

Significant discounts for bulk orders!

Contact me for orders and more information!

$25.00 + shipping and handling




Made to Order Natural Cleaner

MamaTea’s Kali has been concocting her own cleaning supplies since her son was still a peanut!  She has so many reasons for doing so and many special tricks.  Her home-made products…

  • Kick some real germ booty!
  • Knock that scum right out!
  • Are gentle and completely non-toxic!
  • Let her pass the savings onto you!
  • Smell great and are yuck-odor eliminating!

Price depends on packaging, purpose, and amount requested.





Coming soon… Home Grown Teas

Tea will always have a special place right here in MamaTea’s home and heart.  That does not mean that she is the best or most attentive gardener.  She is currently in the process of strategically placing her herbs throughout her home in order to be able to harvest year round.
This means that types of teas and quantity will be limited when harvest time comes around.

This product is more of a local endeavor until Mama is able to attain her wild grown super-herbs from her old Hawaiian homestead.  Thanks!



Please stay tuned for updates!

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