Sometimes there are just these amazingly disruptive things that happen in life when you aren’t paying well enough attention.

Don’t feel helpless.

That happened to me after my son was born.

I am a healer.  I use my hands to heal.

I am a writer.  I use my hands to write.

I am a homemaker.  I use my hands for everything.  Who’d’a thunk it?

Don’t let anything keep you from your passions

There was a wake-up call for me when my son was still little.  I have always been the kind of person that is fine with suffering through the pain of a job well done.

Well, I think it may have been over-done this time.  This is a lesson that I hold dear- an early example that I made out of myself proving that being a martyr is not a good way to have or build a family.

Being your best is not always about sacrifice.

I decided to push through the pain of carrying a baby around in a basket- not a bassinet, mind you.  So every time I trekked down my hill of a driveway with my sleeping son, my hands would absolutely fall asleep and hurt.  Yikes.  I should have taken the hint and changed what I was doing.  NOPE.  I have carpel tunnel syndrome now.  I’ve had it for 3 years.

Since I have started seeing the chiropractor again, I hardly ever have flair ups so I finally get the sleep that a mother with a toddler needs!

Fight for your independence.


Take a look at this article I wrote on treating carpel tunnel through chiropractic and then come back here to tell me about your experiences or ask questions or just whatever!!


Kali S. Garcia



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