Health is what health does.

I am constantly re-wording that Forest snippet.  I think I may be addicted.  Anyone else?


Just so we are all clear about this- when I am talking about health, I am usually talking about everything: healthy bodies, healthy minds and mind-sets, healthy souls, healthy relationships, healthy everything.

Because health is everything.


My research (and childhood experiences) points to the basis of your healthy lifestyle involving a variety of fresh foods (and supplements), daily physical activity, alongside hydration (with water)-(latest article).

The ultimate health trio, as I call it.  In my personal opinion, not a one of these three is the most important.  Life is so much about balance and finding what works.


I am certainly not saying to completely avoid those pleasures that don’t align with these health basics- like  pizza or recreational drinks, nor am I saying that it is unreasonable to just want to curl up for an occasional movie marathon (or an series binge) for a day.

No.  My point is that we just need to be aware of what we are doing so that we keep our habits in check.

It is important.


They say “you are what you eat”

I am with that.


Call me crazy; I refuse to stop there.

You are what you say.  You are what you do.

You are your actions.  You are your thoughts.

You are simply everything that makes up you.

You are your own choices.


And that is what I love about people.  While we are unmistakably individuals… we are all just so darn similar.  There really are only a limited amount of patterns that the majority of people fall into.  What we need to do is focus on the patterns (i.e. habits) we allow into our lives.

We are similar in our needs.  Similar in our desires.  Similar in our beliefs.  Every single one of us.  Sure, “politics” may get in the way of our connecting the roots of our humanity.  That will never change what we all actually are.

Keep yourself healthy, if not for you, do it for those around you.  The people you love, the ones you support, especially for the ones who support you.  Give the world the gift of your health.  Because it really is a gift.  Moods are contagious.  Well, so is a healthy, well-rounded lifestyle.


I listed my base-health trio.  You need all three of these (nutrition, exercise, hydration) to live a balanced life- that means having stellar physical, mental, and spiritual health all at once.


OK, so, getting off of my “rant” (we can talk more about this later, if you’d like!) let us get more involved in today’s topic.  Water. Water. Water.  Oh wait, hydration.


Clean water, beautiful water, abundant water; I love me some water.  Oh wait, hydrate.

I really do. I am water fanatic.  They tell me that Libra is an air sign.  Phooey.  Water is my personal favorite element.


This entire planet (including the organisms on it) are mostly water.  Control the water and you control the world, eh?  Don’t wait, hydrate.


In this latest Advanced Chiropractic post we talk about the importance of keeping your body well-hydrated!  We basically cover the consequences, symptoms, causes, and prevention of dehydration.


I just simply cannot wait to get involved with you!  I have one more article waiting to be published at Advanced Chiropractic Associates, PLLC before my contract with them comes to an end.

Possibly, I could feel lost… Though I don’t think so.  I have had a great time getting off of the Advanced Chiro topic here with you in this entry!

Until next time…


Remember, come back here and comment after you read this hydration article and tell me what you think, ask questions, or engage us all in story time.. I really look forward to building this community with you!




Mama’s Mini Water Album


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