Scoliosis as well as the way it is typically treated is like something out of a nightmare.’

Severe scoliosis in a young adult- hundreds of years old!

In my educated (possibly still biased) opinion, chiropractic is hands down the best way of treating scoliosis.

You may already know that my dad  is a chiropractor so that is where the “possible bias” comes in…  I don’t do too much assuming when it comes to any part of heath care- I love my research and chiropractic inspires me because I have seen, first hand, the miracle it can provide for the people who welcome this form of healing fully into their lives.

I love to read about the success of natural and non-invasive forms of healing.  Of course, that means to be fair I must also actively seek out failures.

I searched through all sorts of academic information and studies involving chiropractic and scoliosis.  I found little to no negative results.

Scoliosis can turn into a very limiting condition

Take a look at this article I wrote on the Advanced Chiropractic Associates, PLLC website.  You will find many great studies involving this amazing form of treatment.

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Credit: Wellcome Library, London.
Credit: Wellcome Library, London. Wellcome Images
Arm positions
Scoliosis sufferers have an S or C shaped curve
Scoliosis throws the whole body out of alignment!
Healthy VS Scoliosis spine



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Scoliosis runs in my family, and my brother had to have rods in his back. My mom didn’t want that for me.

We have been doing treatment for several months. The treatments are very easy and non-painful.

The spine curvature has decreased!

  1. M.


Scoliosis and Lower Back Pain

I have had a severe curvature of my spine all my life, and it began pinching causing pain to my right hip. I could hardly walk, sit or stand. Lower back pain had become a way of life.

Tried other care to no avail.

Since treatment I am mobile! I can sit, get up from a chair, roll over in bed and stand up straight without pain. I can walk a mile a day now!

My numbness in my legs due to neuropathy has decreased.

Less stress, less pain and at 71 feel renewed and grateful to have Dr. Parson as my doctor.

  1. H.

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