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Let your posture lift you up!
Do not let your posture drag you down!

You will be able to read up on:

how to tell if you have good posture,

reasons you may have poor posture,

why your posture is so vital,

as well as some of the posture conditions that chiropractic is perfect for treating!


Bad posture gets you bent out of shape!
Pain and discomfort are only some symptoms

People have been running around telling me the importance of posture my whole life.  I am very grateful for that- though I did not listen very well!
Sometimes it takes our own experiences, mistakes, and gains to really learn our lessons and have them stick with us!

I use mindfulness to make everyday changes

We all learn and view life at different levels.  Here is a photo for some perspective:

What do you see at first glance?

If you take a brief look at the photo above, the lady seems to have pretty good posture!  Her spine is straight and he head is forward, right?  Come back to this for another glance after you read the article I wrote for Advanced Chiropractic Associates and you may have a totally new perspective!

This is a crooked woman!  Her shoulders are uneven, causing her hands to be at different levels.  If you follow the dots, you will see how this upper body tilt all derives from the hips and knees.  One of her knees is locked, while the other is not, causing a chain reaction of disproportion all the way up her body!
It is important to always keep your body even and your mind on your posture.


Good posture keeps you lined up right!


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